About study desk

About study desk

One of the best commitment for

your child‘s future is investing in his desk.​..

Dear parents,

From the first day at school, your child will need a place for writing, learning and even leisure activities such as drawing a picture and reading a booking. PAIDI furniture is not only made for playing and sleeping but also makes learning a more fun thing to do. It will adapt on the demands of your child.

​In the PAIDI Büffelland, you and your kid can find a child-friendly and ergonomically designed working place that grows with your child and is going to accompany it for many years, from study desk to swivel chair to drawer unit and light and clever accessories. PAIDI gives you a 5-year warranty on products of our Büffelland range, as well as all other PAIDI furniture, because the growing and sustainability of furniture is an important aspect of children‘s furniture.

We hope you enjoy choosing together …and that your child will have a lot of fun at its new “working place“.

Your PAIDI Team

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