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Kira baby collection


To hover beautiful.

Body + front: Chalk white particle board
Cover plate: Oak or nautik imitation
Bedsides: Solid beech wood

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Elegant design.  The right place for growing up.

First the cot

The baby beds from PAIDI grow with your child right from the start, because they are height-adjustable in 4 positions and thus protect the parents’ backs when they take their child out of the bed. But there’ s also a lot done for the child’s back, because even the cots are equipped with a comfortable slatted bed base. Removable bars are called slip bars, which ensure a safe exit and entry when the toddler explores the room. So the child can always be close to mum and dad.

The baby changing unit becomes a room object

The changing units are actually ordinary chests of drawers, equipped with a changing top with head protection in a wide range of colors providing a safe way to change nappies. The spacious drawers have a convenient self-closing mechanism; for even more organization, they can be fitted with additional inserts. When the child no longer needs to be changed, the chests of drawers without a changing top are a chic and functional room object.

Safe sliding-door wardrobes also in the children’s room

In addition to our spacious wardrobes and the particularly space-saving corner wardrobe Oscar, there are also sliding-door wardrobes for the children’s room that close gently and quietly. Thanks to the PAIDI Slide System and Soft Close, they stop automatically and protect little fingers from getting caught between the doors. The wardrobes can be divided in many different ways and a LED light can be added to illuminate them.

Wall shelves and other storage systems

Sideboard, highboard, lowboard – children’s furniture and shelves from PAIDI have many different names and functions. When they are open, they offer plenty of space for toys and stuffed animals to decorate the children’s room. What should not be visible can also disappear behind the sliding doors. Another practical storage solution: castor containers that can also be used as a seat when fitted with a cushion.

PAIDIs children furniture grows alongside your child.

The baby bed becomes a junior bed and later the first children’s sofa. Chests of drawers for changing diapers as well as shelves and wardrobes for children can also be used for a long time and in many different ways.

Kira baby collection

AIRWELL® Comfort Slatted mattress support

The AIRWELL® Comfort slatted bed base creates perfect, constant spring characteristics even at high loads due to the special bearing technology on caoutchouc caps.


Even load distribution via centre belt.

The cot is an important and central place for newborns: With Paidi protection set, the beloved cot can be transformed into a new favorite place until early childhood.  Along with various high quality and safety standard furniture such as changing tables and wardrobes, it makes the baby cot to be a perfect place to rest and play.

PAIDI BABYWORLD collections comprise cots, chest of drawers, changing boards, wall shelves, compartment shelves and wardrobes. 

Kira baby collection

Full security: The Airwell Comfort slatted bed frame is (adjustable) in 4 positions in the cot and therefore ergonomically good for mummy and daddy’s back.

Kira baby collection

Easy slipping: With every cot, removable bars allow the baby to get in and out safely.

Kira baby collection

Good transition: Already too big for the baby bed, but still too small for a big bed? With the junior level, the offspring not only sleeps safely, but the parents also have a good feeling about it.

Kira baby collection

A playful sense of security: The optional small ladder not only gives children a lot of fun during bedtime, but also trains their motor skills. The matching tent turns the junior level into an adventure playground and a cuddling cave.

Kira baby collection

Pretty comfortable: The low children’s sofa is the favorite place for playing, cuddling or just dreaming – and there’s also room for friends to play.

Kira baby collection

Almost like the grown-ups: The Junior Bed 140 x 70 cm is a great transition into the future “big” bed.

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