Tiny House

Beech wood and chalk white particle board

More than just a bed for sweet dream

Our Tiny House is perfect for imaginative play, romp and relaxation! And you can also put your Tiny House together individually: You choose the type of bed, the color of the roof shingles, window and wall panels and fabric accessories. This is how you create the perfect feel-good place for your kids.

Tiny house is available in Cozy beds, Camp beds, Loft beds, Play beds and Bunk beds.  With various styles of textiles, roof, window and wall panels to choose from.

Do you need help to recognize your children’s room with style in Hong Kong?  Sophia has many various shelves and wardrobes to choose from.  Tidying up the room will never look so good and easy.  

All for a good sleep.

Each bed frame comes with slatted bed bases in solid beech wood which provide support and comfort needed. And also stable support to spine and ventilation to mattress.

PAIDI provides some good cold foam mattresses that choose from. It prevents
backache and blend with the shape of body and provide the necessary support for spine.


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