Chalk white (Headboard, bedsides and protection sides)

Oak Nautik or Oak -Nebraska imitation (Headboard, bedsides and protection sides)

Floating Design with Elaborate Details.

Bright and pleasant with clear lines combined with timeless elegance which gives off a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

The modern and timeless coloring in chalk white with oak-Nebraska or oak-Nautik leaves space  for individuality and your own creations.  The variety in bed types make sure everybody will be able to find their perfect space for playing, dreaming, relaxing and sleeping.

Numerous textiles and a selection of accessories turn every play bed into an impregnable fortress or an enchanted castle.  Kira captivates with its interaction between chalk white and oak-Nebraska or oak-Nautik.  With contrasting and colourful fabrics ,the bed and room can be changed as often as needed and shine in a new light each time.

Modular design allows the children bed to convert to different forms with regard to the need of the little ones.   Bed forms can be chosen from single bed , play bed, bunk bed and high bed to start with.  

Single bed is suitable for children age starting from 2-3 years old.  Protection side rear and guard rail front are recommended for keeping the child in the bed safely while sleep.  Parents can consider to add the storage box or pull out bed/trundle bed under the bed.

Play bed can be so much fun for preschoolers (3-5 years old).  The spacious under bed area can turn into a fun zone and a little library especially when you need more space in the room.

Bunk bed is an ideal choice for two siblings who share the same room.  Extra protection boards and hanging shelves are worth for consideration.  The storage box or pull out bed/trundle bed can be put under the bed.

Preteens (10 years and up) begin to like their own private space so high bed allows them to sleep on the top bed and work under the bed.  

Youth bed is also designed for preteens and teenagers who like their beds in more stylish way. 

Cabin bed is for preteens and teenagers who need a trundle bed for overnight guest and extra storage space.

Do you need help to recognize your children’s room with style in Hong Kong?  Kira has many various shelves and wardrobes to choose from.  Tidying up the room will never look so good and easy.    

All for a good sleep.

Each bed frame comes with slatted bed bases in solid beech wood which provide support and comfort needed. And also stable support to spine and ventilation to mattress.

PAIDI provides some good cold foam mattresses that choose from. It prevents
backache and blend with the shape of body and provide the necessary support for spine.


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