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Speedy (chair)


Ergonomic and flexible.

Seat width: approx. 38 cm

Seat depth: approx. 27 cm

Max. load-bearing capacity: ca. 80 kg

Cover: 100% polyester, breathable 3D cover

Frame: gray; Cover: gray


Seat height: infinitely adjustable thanks to a gas pressure spring specially adapted to childrenFoot made of thermoplastic polyurethane for soft and hard floors
(For sensitive floor coverings such as parquet, cork and laminate, the additional use of a floor mat is recommended.)
Oval seat with shapely cover
Horizontal oscillation effect
Load capacity up to 80 kg
Seat height: stepless seat height adjustment from approx. 38 to 48 cm
GS mark: Tested safety is the most reliable indication of functional safety of furniture (and other consumer goods). It is awarded by independent inspection bodies approved by the Federal Ministry of Labor. The overall safety of a piece of furniture is always checked.
available in other versions

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