From the children’s room to the work of the century

PAIDI is from the renowned publishing group “Die Zeit” and the publisher Dr. Florian Langenscheidt was named “Brand of the Century”. The book series is dedicated to the top tier of German brands – and illustrates the importance and importance of the PAIDI brand.


Paidi = [Greek] to the child

The company name “Paidi” has its origins in the Greek language and means more or less “to the child”. The Franconian children’s furniture manufacturer soon changed this into “to the happy child” – happy smiling children are the highest corporate aim at PAIDI. “In order for children to be able to feel at home in their surroundings we have to develop our furniture from the children’s point of view,” Udo Groene, Managing Director at PAIDI Möbel GmbH describes the corporate philosophy of this traditional firm, which is now 75 years old.

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The first small PAIDI bed saw the “light of the world” 80 years ago and took children’s bedrooms in Germany by storm; after all, it was the first mass-produced bed specifically for small children. The name Hafenlohr “Holzwaren-Fabrik” (“Wooden Articles Factory”) soon became known to more than 60% of the German population and is now one of the “major brands” in this country. Today PAIDI Möbel GmbH stands for intelligent children’s furniture that can be combined and extended – complete ranges for every age bracket.

It all began with the legendary “small PAIDI bed” with removable bars, which left the gates of the “Paidi factory” around 75 years ago and is today considered to be the first modern mass-produced children’s bed. Due to their innovative and above all high-quality products, PAIDI soon worked their way up to the top of the children’s furniture market. Constantly growing demand meant that in 1953 it was necessary to enlarge the factory premises: as the company headquarters in the centre of Hafenlohr was now too small, PAIDI set up a modern sawmill covering 60,000 m² on the edge of the village located on the River Main. At the beginning of the 1990s the company then purchased a furniture factory in the Polish town of Kolbuszawa, which in addition to the standard range for the domestic market, mainly produces furniture ranges for the inexpensive Transland sales channel, as well as various assemblies for PAIDI products.

Due to their strong brand image, their popularity, wide range of experience and long-standing company tradition, PAIDI have been at the top of the market for a long time. When Udo Groene (graduate in business administration) took over the management at PAIDI Möbel GmbH together with Peter Beyer in 1997, it seemed that the company’s resources had almost been used up – and that new impulses were urgently required. With the new management duo the Franconian company began to adapt to changed customer demands, without giving up the essential qualities of the PAIDI brand however. In this context Groene initiated the expansion of the existing range by a play and bunk bed range, as well as writing and working areas for large and small schoolchildren. “We are the specialists not only for baby and children’s rooms, but also for loft, play and bunk beds and offer everything for the child in this field,” Udo Groene emphasises confidently.

And so the forward-looking extensions and modernisations to the PAIDI ranges pave the way to the company’s future – a company which repeatedly sets innovative standards with respect to the development and refinement of products for children’s rooms.

About Us
About Us
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