Trendy Grey (body)
Solid OAK (Bed posts & ladder)
Solid Oak (full body)

A dream for individualists

Nordic-inspired design in the trendy grey color. Offer four different variants for children and teenagers for their unique demand on room style. Whether trendy grey combined with oak or solid oak wood on the various forms of beds – single bed, play bed, bunk bed or high bed. And for the first time in PAIDI, the bed posts are selectable with quadratic or sloping if you want something different from the other beds.

Grows with the demands of its users. The trendy color combination of STEN is based on timeless and unisex design. The smart expansion options such as wardrobes and shelves provide additional space for the study or for relaxing.

All for a good sleep.

Each bed frame comes with slatted bed bases in solid beech wood which provide support and comfort needed. And also stable support to spine and ventilation to mattress.

PAIDI provides some good cold foam mattresses that choose from. It prevents
backache and blend with the shape of body and provide the necessary support for spine.

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