PAIDI is Brand of the Century
PAIDI is Brand of the Century

PAIDI is Brand
of the Century

From the nursery straight into the publication of the century

PAIDI has been named “Brand of the Century” by the renowned publishing group “Die ZEIT” and the publisher Dr Florian Langenscheidt. The book series is dedicated to the “royal class” of German brands – and illustrates the significance and importance of the PAIDI brand.

What do BMW, Hipp and PAIDI have in common? All three are brands with a special product idea and high charisma that convey orientation and assure brand quality in a unique way. This selection of German brands, chosen according to strict criteria, is presented in the 2022 edition of the book volume “German Standards – Brands of the Century”.

The special feature of the selection process: The brands do not apply for the award – instead, they are proactively evaluated by the jury on the basis of category names. Or to put it another way: to the question “Which brand is representative of children’s furniture?” the experts’ answer was clear: “PAIDI.”

The evaluation also takes into account the history of the brand and its development. The PAIDI success story began in the 1930s with the PAIDI cot: The first mass-produced cot enabled toddlers to safely explore their surroundings thanks to removable bars. PAIDI thus quickly became synonymous with the baby cot.

PAIDI is still considered THE brand for children’s furniture today. The high level of trust was recognised at the ceremonial handover of the brand award: Dr Florian Langenscheidt presented Managing Director Roland Mayer and Head of Marketing Christina Pfeil with the award in Berlin at the beginning of 2022.

PAIDI is Brand of the Century

PAIDI stands for quality, safety and sustainability

PAIDI is Brand of the Century

PAIDI represents tested safety

Our PAIDI furniture, which is tested according to the standards for children’s furniture, carries the GS label. This is regarded as the most reliable guarantee for the functional and overall safety (of furniture and consumer goods) and is awarded by independent test centres approved by the Federal Ministry.

PAIDI is Brand of the Century

PAIDI carries the RAL quality mark

With the “Golden M”, the German Furniture Quality Association (DGM) awards a label which is only given to furniture that has been thoroughly tested. It must be stable, safe, durable and well made – and also meet the highest standards in terms of health.

PAIDI is Brand of the Century

PAIDI bears the Blue Angel

PAIDI furniture are so low in emissions that they are allowed to carry the Blue Angel eco-label.

PAIDI is Brand of the Century

PAIDI uses non-toxic lacquers

DIN 53160 and EN 71-3 are among the strictest standards. Lacquers which meet these standards are normally used for children’s toys which are especially often put in the hand or into the mouth.

PAIDI is Brand of the Century

PAIDI is low in emissions

PAIDI furniture is particularly good at producing low emissions. Therefore, they have been classified in the best emission class “A” by the German Furniture Quality Association. *
* The collections/models marked with the emission label fulfil the requirements in order to be awarded the emission label of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. in the respective category.

PAIDI is Brand of the Century

PAIDI is climate neutral

PAIDI has been the first children’s furniture manufacturer to produce in a climate-neutral way since 2016. The company has reduced all emissions and made them climate neutral. Such as direct emissions caused by combustion in the heating system, or indirect emissions caused by the procurement of electricity. PAIDI also supports projects for reforestation and the expansion of regenerative energies, thus achieving the highest level of the climate pact of the German Furniture Quality Association (DGM). More information can be found here:

PAIDI is Brand of the Century

PAIDI gets involved

PAIDI is part of the “Alliance for Development and Climate”, which was presented as the German contribution at the beginning of the United Nations World Climate Conference in December 2018. We are also committed to advancing the measures of the 2030 Agenda for Climate Protection in the best possible way.

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