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About children's room

About children's room

… is imagination … … is creative … … is love …

… is smiling … … is well-being …

… is happiness … … is the space …

… that your child needs to unfold …

Dear parents,

More than 80 years ago the first mass-produced Baby cot was made at PAIDI. Since then, generations of children have grown up in it. If your child slowly outgrows from “Babyträume“ (BabyDream in German)which is the name of our range for babies. Then, it‘s time for the Kidsworld range. So children can experience their first big adventure: Whether as a pirate, knight or fairy princess , in the play worlds from the “Kidsworld“ range, the imagination has no limits. And the safe and healthy sleep is also given because we only work with high-quality materials and clever security concepts.

PAIDI gives you a 5-year warranty on products from our Kidsworld program, as well as all other PAIDI furniture, because the growing and sustainability of furniture is an important aspect of children’s furniture. And by the way: If your child grows bigger and the “seriousness of life” begins ,it can continue with our “Büffelland” which is our study desk and chair range. Many of PAIDI furniture can be combined with each other.

Your PAIDI Team

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