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Here she was, our little daughter Bente.  She came out a little earlier than expected.  And little smaller than expected.  But still perfect all round.  I still remember the first days and weeks at home very well.  And this little person that I put in a really huge bed at night.  At least that was how it seemed to me at the time, because it is well known that the little miracles, especially in the first months of life, grow at a really rapid pace.  And yet I was pretty shocked when I recently discovered that our (apparently no longer so small) Bente, when she stretched properly, reached the end of her cot without any problems with her feet.

A new baby cot is needed

Somehow I kept putting off the topic of the cot until later.  After all, we made a conscious decision to opt for a slightly larger and therefore more durable version of the side bed. The plan have to deal with a new bed as late as possible therefore it’s a miserable. The subject of the cot landed back on our to-do list faster – and above all more urgently than we thought.  And that even in times of COVID-19, closed furniture stores and unusually long delivery times.  That’s fine!

The agony of choice

As with pretty much everything to do with children, there is an almost endless choice when it comes to children’s beds.  A little wistful, but also with a good dose of anticipation, I started the research.  I realized pretty quickly that I wanted to choose a bed that Bente could use for a long time.  Really this time.  It should be as functional as possible and be able to grow from a cot to a real junior bed.  For this reason, the quality and workmanship of the bed was of course very important to me.  In addition, especially when sleeping, the safety and security of Bente have the highest priority.  And last but not least, the bed should also be visually pleasing and blend in harmoniously with the existing children’s room furniture. 

My choice – PAIDI

During my search, I quickly became aware of PAIDI. With Many years of experience in the development and manufacture of children’s bed and children’s rooms, the furniture offer exactly meets the needs of the little one – and thus also my expectations of functionality, durability and safety.  I particularly liked the OSCAR model with its Scandinavian feel-good look and it fit perfectly into our children’s room.

In good and in bad times

After I fell in love with OSCAR and in my mind turned the children’s room upside down, the current situation quickly brought me back to the earth.  The production and delivery of PAIDI furniture was also at a standstill and was reduced to the bare minimum.  The well-being and health of the employees naturally had the highest priority in these difficult times.

Nevertheless, I wanted to try my luck and had my order placed with PAIDI.  And what can I say – I was not left in the lurch: PAIDI handled everything confidently and reliably, despite many special circumstances, and showed a great deal of understanding for the urgency.  A lot of levers were set in motion so that OSCAR can move in quickly, at the end the cot was delivered a week earlier than expected.

Now it remains to be seen how Bente will like moving into her new, large bed.  But I will tell you about it another time.

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