About study desk

PAIDI is diversity.

Solid wood or wood imitation, with or without drawer unit - Büffelland furniture is available in many different variants.

You can rely on us.

PAIDI grows with your child.

The desks and chairs of the Büffelland range adapt to the body size and needs of children and they are fully adjustable.

PAIDI adapts.

Ergonomics is very important to us. Even the inclination angle of the desk and the seat height and depth of the swivel chairs are individually adjustable.

PAIDI guarantees safety.

The rounded corners and edges help prevent injuries and guarantee maximum safety at the desk.

PAIDI is stable.

Our quality products are extremely durable and can withstand the highest impacts for years.

PAIDI is quality.

We only use high quality materials and ensure a proper processing of our products.

PAIDI always fits.

All furniture of the Büffelland range can be combined with the products of our Babyträume and Kidsworld range.