About study desk

All about a correct adjustment.

In three steps to an optimal seating position.

1. Feet on the floor!

For a determining of an optimal seating height, the soles of the foot should be flat on the floor, the thighs of your child form a horizontal and the lower legs form a vertical line so that an angle of 90° will be formed.​

2. How will you get an upright posture?

An upright posture will relieve the spinal column. It is important that a correct adjustment of the seat depth helps the thighs and the back of your child form a right angle.

​3. Please take a seat!

After having altered the chair, the height of the desk will be adjusted. If the forearms are at a right angle to the table top, the back is held straight automatically.

The correct height adjustment.

​Body size Table height Seat height (all by cm)

A correct adjustment
A correct adjustment
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