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height adjustable desk according to the height of the child, with a stylish design and a simple appearance.

挑選一款兒童書桌椅相當重要,成人書桌的高度並非根據學童身高而設計,太高或太矮的桌子都會引起小朋友坐姿不良,PAIDI Jaro 迎合需求自由調節高度,不管幾歲都能保持坐姿端正!

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>正確坐姿亦是非常重要,Yvo chair 能有效幫助小朋友矯正坐姿,櫈面高低及櫈背亦可以隨不同身高調校。

> suitable for children of five or six years old, whether they are right-handed or left-handed, until they grow up.
> the large part of the desktop can adjust the angle of the table by gas spring, up to 19 degrees.
> perfectly ergonomically designed to help children sit and learn.
> correct sitting posture is also very important. Yvo chair can effectively help children correct their sitting posture. The height of the stool surface and the back of the stool can also be adjusted according to different heights.

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