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Then I finally had my inner weaker self and could proudly say that I was fit and had a real routine when it came to sports – I already had a pregnancy test positive in my hands.

On the one hand, the joy was of course huge. On the other, I was very insecure and asked myself: can I continue my sporting routine like this?  And how do I manage to stay fit and active during pregnancy?

Pregnancy and sport – rethinking is the order of the day

It quickly became clear that I would give up my weekly Pilates class.  It was focused too much on the stomach and the very demanding exercises did not feel good very quickly with such a small belly dweller in my core that was to be strengthened. And especially during pregnancy, it is important to listen to yourself when exercising and to allow your body to take breaks when it demands.  You can trust the healthy, maternal instinct with pleasure.

My yoga trainer, along with a friend and closest friend, was given the honor of finding out about my pregnancy at a very early stage.  He gave me the green light to continue attending his course.  However, I found that the physical changes made me unable to keep up with the pace and intensity of the course after a few weeks.  When I got a nasty cold, I was forced to skip a few hours.  It quickly became clear: I urgently need an alternative.

Great for mothers-to-be: exercising with other pregnant women. There are providers of special courses or running clubs nationwide (Germany). I kept myself fit with running mom.

A sports course especially for pregnant women

As luck would have it, a dear colleague was in the same circumstances.  In fact, we were only a few days apart.  And when she asked me if I would like to accompany her to the sport, I was absolutely not averse.  In the meantime, spring was just around the corner and I was really looking forward to exercising my sweet 14 week tummy once a week doing outdoor fitness in a Hamburg park.

My choice fell on the provider Laufmamalauf, one of the largest outdoor fitness providers for mothers in and after pregnancy in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  Under professional guidance and with a group of other pregnant women, my initial uncertainty quickly disappeared.  I really enjoyed the varied exercise under the fresh air, which not only helped excellently against various pregnancy ailments, but were also supposed to make you fit for the birth

Final Stage in the water

During maternity leave, I also had the opportunity to relieve my stomach with aqua fit for pregnant women in the water.  In the final stage of pregnancy, the aches and pains gradually increase – and swimming or water sports was a great opportunity for me to get some relief and move in a way that is gentle on my joints. (Not to mention the wonderful cooling in the warm summer.)  There are courses for pregnant women in almost every swimming pool.  They are a gentle way to relieve the back muscles and the entire musculoskeletal system and to strengthen them at the same time – perfect also for everyone who is a grumpy athlete.

What a blessing: to move into the water while heavily pregnant…and let yourself drift

The rule of thumb is: don’t get out of breath

Exercise during pregnancy should always be in a moderate, aerobic range.  All sports that involve force, jolts, blows, violence or a high risk of falling are to be viewed critically and should be avoided.  As a pregnant woman, however, you can be physically active for around an hour a day.  However, you should be a little gentle on yourself.  The rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t get out of breath when playing sports with a ball and that you should be able to talk to someone in a relaxed manner.  The sporty pregnant women do not have to do without training, be jogging or strength training.  However, all activities should be adjusted accordingly and discussed with the gynecologist.

Birth is like a marathon

Exercise during pregnancy is healthy for both mother and child.  Studies also show that physical and psychological complaints were lower in active pregnant women and the birth was generally less complicated.  And childbirth in particular – similar to a marathon – represents a really extreme physical strain.  Training can only be beneficial for this.  Of course, not every pregnancy is free of complications and not every pregnant woman can participate in sports throughout the pregnancy.  But the benefits of exercise during pregnancy are obvious.

Sport connects

I’ve been a mommy for a few months now and can look back on a beautiful, active pregnancy, a great birth and a symptom-free childbed.  I firmly believe that sport has played its part, be it only mentally or physically.

And best of all: Long after my daughter was born, I still benefit from my sporting activities during pregnancy.  The other Mom-To-Be that I got to know have become friends, I ended up in the same room in the hospital with one of the sports moms…. And our daughters were born just one day apart.  Well, what if that’s not a good sign for a close and active friendship?!

Thanks to Laufmamalauf for the great outdoor photos!

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