Why are the supplements to the play beds for converting to other heights relatively expensive?

The supplements are subject to their own, less voluminous production methods and are therefore more expensive to manufacture and so relatively expensive in comparison to a complete play bed.

As there are many different conversion possibilities, please contact us for advice and corresponding offers.

How high may the mattress be in the Paidi play, loft and bunk beds?

The mattress must not be higher than 15 cm. This serves the purpose of your child’s safety – especially in the case of loft beds. If a higher mattress is used, the distance to the top edge of the fall protection is too small and the risk of falling out greater.

For this reason the DIN norm specifies a maximum mattress height of 15 cm for this type of bed.

Where is PAIDI furniture produced?

As we manufacture our products at different factories and our suppliers are also international, we cannot inform you with 100% certainty whether all parts are manufactured in Germany. However, what we can promise you is that the chipboards and surfaces are produced in Germany or Poland and our end products do of course comply with German and European DIN and safety norms.

What is the price of your furniture?

Please contact us.  We are pleased to provide you with individual advice and can inform you of the prices.

What is the delivery time for your products?

It depends on what products you would like to buy.  If the desired items are in stock, we could arrange the delivery and installation in 2-3 weeks. 

If it just happens the items are not in stock, it would take approximate two to three months for production and shipment from Germany.

Due to the large number of different types of products we regret that we are not able to store them in our warehouse and always produce them after the receipt of an order, which is why it is not possible to reduce the delivery time.

For information on the total delivery time please ask directly at our furniture specialist.

Where can I purchase your products?

Our products can only be ordered from a PAIDI stockist.  Please come to our shop to purchase.

Can I also buy your products on the Internet?

Our products are only available from shops.

Can I order a bed that shorter than 200cm long?

Yes, the bed length can be shortened by 10 cm without surcharge. 

From what age on are play, loft or bunk beds suitable?

According to the DIN norm, loft beds are only recommended for children from the age of 6 years and up. However, we know from most of our customers that the loft beds are used from an age of approximately 3 years – for safety reasons possibly in conjunction with additional fall protection.
In the final analysis all customers have to decide for themselves when their child is able to sleep in a loft bed, as this depends of course on the child’s development and habits.

Can an adult use the play, loft or bunk bed to sleep in?

Our beds can also be used by adults without any problems.
All beds are tested with respect to a load per unit of 120 kg – so that you can also use this bed for sleeping in. You can use the ladder to a static load of 100 kg.

When can I turn the mattress over from the baby side to the child side?

Unfortunately it is not possible to give a general rule concerning the right time to change from the baby side of the mattress to the child side.

As you will know, the background to the possibility of turning the mattress over is the development of the bone structure, particularly the spinal column. In the first few months of the baby’s life the bone structure is still relatively soft and malleable, so that during this time the baby should sleep on a surface that is rather soft and elastic. Only after this phase is over is the firmer child side recommended.

It is therefore best to discuss the correct time to turn the mattress over with your pediatrician during a health-screening examination in order that you can be completely sure.

As an adult, am I allowed to sit on the swings?

Our loft bed swings have been tested for loads up to 50 kg – we are therefore not able to provide a guarantee for greater loads. Adults should not swing on them.

If I buy furniture at a later time, does the colour of the wood match my existing room?

Natural wood – whether in the form of veneer as in the Fleximo case furniture for example, or solid wood as found in the Fleximo beds – is always subject to a certain process of subsequent darkening. This is reinforced by direct sunlight and unfortunately cannot be avoided.

Although items of furniture bought at a later date will also become darker subsequently and will largely match the existing furniture after a certain time, it is nevertheless not possible to entirely rule out small differences in the colour and structure. However, as a rule these are not considered to be significant.

Nevertheless, you should always try to avoid direct sunlight on your real wood furniture.

Why does the furniture have an inherent smell?

Due to the production methods used it is possible that your new furniture will initially give off a certain smell. However, this is completely harmless to the health and usually disappears very quickly. Here intensive ventilation helps during the initial period, possibly with the drawers and doors open if necessary.

In the case of recently decorated rooms it is possible that smells are given off not only by the new furniture, but also by the floor, wall or ceiling.

Is the luminescent paint toxic?

We can allay your fears with respect to the luminescent paint. Of course we do not use any materials whatsoever which are harmful to the health or radioactive. In this case we use a special paint whose ability to continue glowing is based on the principle of luminescence. This fulfils the strict requirements of EN norm 71, which is also applicable to the safety of children’s toys (resistance to saliva).

Is the surface treatment of your furniture toxic or does it give off any harmful substances?

The paints and protective balsam used by PAIDI fulfil the strict requirements of norms EN 71-3 and DIN 53160. As a result the surfaces are completely harmless to the health, even if your child sucks or bites into them.

Do your products contain formaldehyde?

The fibreboards used in our veneered furniture comply with emission class 1. Here the formaldehyde content is very low and well below the legally prescribed limit of 0.1 ppm. However, even here it is not possible to describe the products as being completely free of formaldehyde.

There is no such thing as a completely formaldehyde-FREE environment. Formaldehyde is a metabolite which can be detected – in small quantities – even in solid wood.

Who should I contact with a complaint?

We regret very much that you are not satisfied with our furniture.
Please contact us and we will handle the complaint for you ASAP.

Are there still spare parts or fittings available for older children’s beds?

We have almost all fittings for our children’s bed models produced during the last 10 -20 years in stock.

If I buy the third party mattress for PAIDI children bed, what details should I pay attention to?

The size of the mattress is be 200 cm long x 90 cm wide.  The suggested thickness is 15 cm due to the child safety.  The weight should be under 15kg. The overweight mattress accelerates the damage against the bed frame and the slatted bed base.

For pull out bed Floyd and trundle bed, the size of the mattress is be 190 cm long x 90 cm wide.  The suggested thickness is 11.5 -12.5 cm as the thicker mattress cannot be stored properly under the main bed.  The weight should be under 10kg. Pull out bed Floyd will not be properly function if use heavier mattress.  

Please note that using improper mattress will affect the function and structure of the bed frame.  It also voids the warranty.