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August Back to School Up to 20% off
【2021 八月 Back to School優惠】 人體工學設計書枱 / 兒童書枱優惠低至 8️⃣折!!!!
新學年過幾個星期又開始了,PAIDI 推出一系列書枱櫈Back to School 優惠為小朋友的新學年做好準備!
現選購任何單一 SCHOOLWORLD 系列產品(例如: 書枱,讀書櫈枱燈 及 四輪抽屜櫃等等)即可以享有95折優惠!
– 任何一款 書枱的 drawer plus 櫃桶
– 任何一款讀書櫈 (Speedy Stool 除外)
– 任何一款枱燈
– 任何一款四輪抽屜櫃
加購一樣以上產品, 即可以享有9折優惠;

加購兩樣以上產品, 更可以享有85折優惠;
加購樣以上產品, 更可以享有8折優惠!


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[2021 August Back to School Sale] Ergonomic design study desk discount up to 20% off !!!!
The new school year starts again after a few weeks. PAIDI launches a series of Back to School sales program to prepare your children for the new school year!

—<<Single Piece discount>>—
Now purchase any single item in SCHOOLWORLD product ranges (for example: study desk, chair, desk light and container chest drawers, etc.), you can enjoy a 5% discount!

—<<Combination Offer>>—
Buy any study desk now and then add any of the following products to enjoy even more discounts!

-Any study desk’s Drawer Plus
-Any study Desk (except Speedy Stool)
-Any desk light
-Any container chest drawer

Enjoy 10% off when you add one piece of the above items in your purchase of the study desk;
Enjoy 15% off when you add two pieces of the above items in your purchase of the study desk;
Enjoy 20% off when you add three pieces of the above items in your purchase of the study desk;

You can enjoy the same discount for the other single items (within the SCHOOLWORLD range) in the same invoice.
Limited offer only. The preferential delivery time is from the end of August to the beginning of September, depending on the time the container arrives in Hong Kong at that time.
Product details:
Please call or leave a message below for inquiries
Store location:
Room 01-03, 26th Floor, Horizon Plaza, 2 Lee Wing Street, Ap Lei Chau
Tel: 25533238
Room 121-122, 1st Floor, Lee Garden Three, 1 Sunning Road, Causeway Bay
Tel: 23296836
Room 324, 3/F, Prince’s Building, 10 Chater Road, Central
Tel: 25533288

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Why PAIDI?  German brand PAIDI Möbel GmbH has 90 years of experience in developing and manufacturing ergonomically conceived beds and furniture that cater to babies, toddlers, children and teenagers.  The modular bed system allows the beds to be changed and adjusted to different forms from single bed, play bed and bunk bed according to the child’s age and needs.  Along with various décor and fun elements, it makes the bed to be a perfect place to rest and play.

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EIKE Play bed 125 cm with slide and slanting grip ladder

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